Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well hello!

First, thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Carrie and among other things I am a complete beauty fanatic. Like most people, I don't have a ton of disposable income to indulge in my makeup and beauty cravings, so I depend on reviews from bloggers and Youtubers to help me make more informed decisions before dropping my hard-earned cash on the latest gimmick. Still, temptation gets the better of all of us once in a while. So many times I've been dazzled by a product in the store, brought it home, and wanted to rant or rave about it -- only to realize my husband will probably never be as enthused about a miracle concealer or outraged by a horrible eyeshadow as I am. "But wait!" my inner (wannabe) guru whines, "I need to share my experiences!"

So here we are!

I'm not a mega-guru or a professional makeup artist (hopefully someday), but I am a regular girl with a love of makeup and beauty who is eager to learn and share experiences about both. If you're a newbie or mid-level wannabe artist like me, we'll learn together! If you're a pro, please feel free to share your tricks of the trade!

Welcome to my blog. :D


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