Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Walgreens Displays

Some of the displays from different Walgreens stores in my area.

Swatches of the Sugar Rush collection coming soon! 

Swatches and review of the Toppings collection coming soon! 

See swatches of the Go Green collection here.

See Almost Famous swatches here

Pretty exciting month for polish lovers! I ended up adding 18 of the above polishes to my already bulging collection. Mr. Swag just rolled his eyes, haha! I'm planning on making a DIY rack that I saw on YouTube. I'll post pictures and a link to the video when I have a chance to actually make it.

Have you heard anything about the Milani Textured Creams? All the reviews I've seen on them aren't very flattering, so I skipped them this time. It's a shame too, because I was looking forward to them. I also know a lot of people were jazzed about the LE Baby Lips, but I skipped those too because I'm one of the few who are disappointed by Baby Lips in general (I can't get over the sunscreen flavor and scent. Such a bummer -- I really want to love them!)

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