Friday, March 8, 2013

Swatches: Wet n Wild Toppings Collection

When I was in Orlando about three weeks back I ran into a Walgreens and saw these polishes and thought, "Oh, how cute!"

Colors in the collection:
Chip on Your Shoulder
Frosted Over
Confections of a Bake-aholic
Gimme Some Suga'
Sprinkled with Love
Icing Backup

I was in a hurry and grabbed what I thought was one of each color, but it turns out there are 6 colors in the collection instead of the 4 I originally thought. That just goes to show how similar some of the shades seemed in real life. The ones I bought are Chip on Your Shoulder, Confections of a Bake-aholic, Gimme Some Suga', and Frosted Over. 

Taken in sunlight:
Left to Right: Frosted Over, Gimme Some Suga', Chip on Your Shoulder, Confections of a Bake-aholic.

Same order as above.

L - R: Frosted Over, Gimme Some Suga', Chip on Your Shoulder, Confections of a Bake-aholic


All four polishes contain small, multi-colored circle glitter. It's the bases that differentiate one from another.

Frosted Over: Purple/Teal duo-chrome base.

Gimme Some Suga': Golden green base.

Chip on Your Shoulder: Pink base.

Confections of a Bake-oholic: Silver base.

Now for the unique bottles. I've read concerns about the top being too awkward to paint your nails with any precision, but personally I haven't found that to be the case. To me it feels just as natural as holding a pencil or a makeup brush. For me the worst thing about the "sticks" is the PITA they're going to be to store. For anyone out there with organizing OCD, you know what I mean!

The long "lollipop stick" is all in one piece and doesn't purposely detach for easier storage or use. BUT! Like every polish I've ever seen the handle is pushed down onto a smaller, clear screw-top. You can detach the "sticks" if you wiggle and pull enough. Just please be careful when doing so! I don't want anyone hurting themselves or unintentionally breaking their nail polish. I'd feel awful!

Next to a Sinful Colors bottle, for size comparison.

Final thoughts: The polishes themselves are nice, but I'd recommend wearing them over other colors if you want to get the full effect. Otherwise they just look too similar to warrant buying more than one or two, in my opinion. I can see where the packaging can be a dealbreaker for some. I love the lollipop concept, but feel like the execution wasn't well thought-out. The bottles are awkward to store and the very different tops might scare people off. Also the label tags are only upright when in the store display; once you get home you have to flip the bottle in order to see the color name. This would be no biggie at all, except surprise! There is no other label on the bottle! Your options are to tape the obnoxious label down and deal with the bottom piece still being in your way, cutting it off and never remembering the name of your polish again, or leaving it on and dealing with it, which almost guarantees the label will come slapping down on your nails as you're painting them. 

Why, Wet n Wild? Whyyyy??? 

My opinion of the brand is almost flawless (with exceptions for the Flora and Fauna palettes), but this time I think they missed the mark completely. They've created nice polishes, but put them in novelty packaging that ensures a lot of people will never reach for them again and may not keep them long in the first place. I love the idea of creative packaging and I do hope they try again and again to bring us something different. I just think that in this case they completely forgot about function.

Have you picked any of these up? What are your thoughts?

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